Diana Barrault, born Diana Bureau, was born in Nantes, France in 1962.

After a degree in German at the Sorbonne, she then decides to move towards Human Resources fields. Fascinated by the dynamics of writing, its aspects and what it can express in terms of personality, she began training as a graphologist in the French Society of Graphology,where she graduated in 1990 being one of the youngest nominees of France.

Since then, she has been working as a graphologist with business managers, and thus practicing her passion for graphic design and human psychology.

Her father being an architect, painter and designer, she was initiated from an early age to arts and painting; she followed parallel courses in oil copying from 1987 to 1999 at the Museum of Modern Art at and the Louvre, organized by the city Paris. She became impregnated by the greatest Masters, using a manner through gesture and colour to penetrate their world, to capturea still living technique through the observation that a masterpiece transmits before our eyes, a different way but very close to the writing used to probe their souls.

Moving to Brussels in 1999, she continues to refine her expertise in painting with the Truffino workshop, specialized in teaching academic techniques in oil. She discovers there how to usespecific processes used by the ancients.

Enriched by these various teachings, she has been working for several years in developing her own personal pictorial path. Painting has now become for Diana an adventure almost spiritual, a living space where time outside of time begins.

Having always been fascinated by colour, she draws her inspiration from the great painters of the Italian Renaissance such as Botticelli, “nature mortes” of Chardin, the softness of BerthaMorizot, and from modern painters such as Nicolas de Stael, Rothko, and Poliakoff ...

Diana is driven by a constant search for balance between movement, subtle shades, and their variations.

A blank canvas for me is a range of pure freedom, and in this freedom emerge and glide colours related to the soul, the unconscious, the emotions of life within oneself and beyond "